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TM Pups

Socialize A Tibetan Dog | Mastiff Child Socialization

Mastiff With Kids
Although we have already touched upon the socialization of Tibetan Mastiffs a lot in this article, it may be useful to dedicate an entire section to it as it can be a little complicated.

Socialize a Tibetan Mastiff With Children

Tibetan Mastiffs usually work well with older children. However, you might be hesitant or “aware” about introducing an adult T Mastiff into your family with young children. The dog will not likely intentionally hurt children but they are too big and could knock over or step in children.

Instruct Your Children

If you have a family with young children you ought to instruct them. Your children should be taught that the Tibetan Mastiff is not to be run around or screamed at. The Mastiff will be excited by too much activity and noise. They are also just too large to chase children or play rough with them.
As we have already mentioned, the Tibetan Mastiff may also be able to protect their children from harm. If they are playing together, they might mistake running, screaming, or wrestling for physical aggression and react accordingly. You should supervise all playtime.
It may also be a good idea for your children to learn how to approach and touch any dog. You should teach them to not pull on their tails. Also, your child should not approach the dog while it is eating or sleeping.
You might also be curious about how TMs interact with other dogs or cats. They will usually get along with other pets if they are raised together. They may require some adjustment if they are being introduced as adults but should eventually get along with them.
In this article, we’ll go over some more creative socialization ideas for your dog.
Tibetan Dog Socialization with children

Personality Traits of Tibetan Dogs

Tibetan Mastiffs have a reputation for being intelligent, stubborn, independent, and sometimes challenging.
They are confident and self-assured, and they will be treated as an individual rather than a pet. Tibetan Mastiffs are driven to please their owners, but they also seek to achieve their own goals and must be reminded of what they were asked.
Tibetan Mastiffs are loyal and will serve as a guardian for their families. They are very protective of their owners and can be territorial with strangers. This can be avoided by socializing them early, such as enrolling them into a “puppy kindergarten”, inviting people over often, and taking them to busy areas such as the park or pet-friendly shops.
Learn more about the characteristics of this breed in this article.
Brain Training for Dogs is a great online training course that covers both behavioral concerns and fundamental dog training for your TM.

Good Characteristics of Tibetan Mastiffs

The TM is a very noble breed. They are beautiful with long, flowing coats, beautiful tails, and gorgeous colors. You will have conversations with your Mastiff while they are out and about.
The breed has many wonderful characteristics, being gentle, patient and understanding. They have been working with people for centuries, so they are extremely well-acquainted with humans, and are extremely protective of their families. As such, T Mastiffs are great guard dogs because of their size. In addition to being protective, they are fearless, hardworking, and loyal.
They are a perfect protector because they have been bred for centuries to guard people. These positives must be balanced with the potential negatives. The reason is that TMs are not the right breed for everyone and require a specific type of dog owner with a good feel for how to train and socialize this furry personality.
This article will teach you more about training a TM dog.

T Mastiff Obedience Training

You may fall in love instantly with your adorable, cuddly Tibetan Mastiff puppy. However, he or she could grow up to 160 pounds, and are not suitable to live in apartments.
TMs also prefer to be active during the mornings and evenings. They may not be the right dog for your family if you are unable to fit them in with your busy schedule.
The T Mastiff is a great protector, but they are also very independent. They won’t always seek guidance from you. While TMs love being with you and will form a bond with you, they won’t always follow your instructions. They are stubborn because they believe they are right.
According to official Tibetan Mastiff breed information from the American Kennel Club, they are unlikely to do well in agility competitions or obedience classes due to their stubbornness. Obedience training will make them more social and show you more respect.
Sociable Tibetan Mastiff

Are Tibetan Mastiffs Barking A lot?

Although Tibetan Mastiffs can be quiet when they are indoors, they can bark if left out at night. While they will let you know they are doing their job and disrupt your neighbors, we do not recommend that you leave this breed outside overnight.

Tibetan Dog Fencing

The same goes for dogs that are allowed to roam free in your yard. You should ensure that your yard is secure. They are known to climb fences to escape from the yard. You should never leave them outside too long as they may dig up the yard and become territorial and aggressive.
You should also never let your Tibetan Mastiff walk unassisted. You should take them on different routes during your daily walks to ensure they don’t become territorial.
TMs can tolerate children living in their own homes, especially if they have been raised with them. Yet, they are not suitable for homes with young children, since they may mistake childrens’ yelling, playing, and screaming for aggression. If your children want to play with friends, be aware of this. Although socializing your dog as a puppy can help, they may still be territorial and may start to bark at your children.

Socialization of Tibetan Mastiff Puppies

The Tibetan Mastiff breed is not the best choice if you are social and like people coming in and out of your house. They will limit how many people enter their house due to their territorial nature.
Socialize your puppy as soon as possible to prevent this. If they are socialized, you can soon take them to dog-friendly stores, parks, and events, and allow your puppy to interact with new people.
TMs can be extremely sensitive to danger. You should be cautious if they initially dislike someone you’ve met and can’t get over it.
These dogs can be wonderful family pets, but they’re only right for certain types of homes and owners. They are not able to fit in with any lifestyle, especially not in big cities with crowded and noisy areas.