The Tibetan Mastiff



The "Roof of the World" is rich in wisdom, treasures and spirituality.

It is the cradle to sapphire waters, blue poppy meadows, crystal mountains, the folklore of turquoise snow lions, and the Land of Snows.

It is the abode to Shambhala. A tranquil haven, a paradise on earth. The isolated and untouched Shangri-La, Land of Sacredness and Peace, secreted away in a mountain valley.



Tibetan Prayer Flags

Photo courtesy of Gordon Cook


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These same images that fire the imagination to mythical proportions for so many are also home to the Tibetan Mastiff. These noble and trusted guardians have long watched over their lands of mystery and legend. And, for some, nothing captures the purity of the untamed Tibetan Spirit quite like this ancient breed.



Learning about this primitive breed is an on-going process for newcomers and breeders alike so we invite you to explore the following informative web pages. We will make available and continually build upon such items as documented historical references, suggested readings, articles, pictures, physical descriptions and characteristics, health issues, links and advice for modern-day caregivers.


Helpful Articles About the Breed

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Tibetan Mastiff After 6 Months
Proper Containment for the Tibetan Mastiff
Invisible Fencing and the Tibetan Mastiff
Tibetan Mastiff and Growth Rates


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