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Book by Don Messerschmidt, PhD
Big Dogs of Tibet

Big Dogs of Tibet and the Himalayas

This is a book of discovery into the exotic and breeds from Tibet and the Himalayas: the Tibetan mastiff, the rare KyiApso, the Himalayan mountain dog, and the least known, Tibetan hunting dog, the Sha-kyi.

DON MESSERSCHMIDT, author and anthropologist, is a Himalayan specialist and an authority on Tibetan mastiffs from the Roof of the World. He has spent over four decades studying them in their natural setting and their places of origin (and has scars to show for it). Dr Messerschmidt has raised, trained, shown, bred and photographed Tibetan mastiffs. His own companion, the International Champion Saipal Baron of Emodus (aka 'Kalu'), is well known in the blood lines of many fine 'TMs' in North America and Europe. His writings about Tibetan dogs have appeared in Dog World, Rangelands and ECS Nepal magazines, and in The Himalayan Times and various dog club newsletters. His other writings have appeared in Alaska, Summit and Himal magazines. Don Messerschmidt is an accomplished magazine editor, ethnographer, biographer, and consultant on rural development projects. In this book, the author describes his life-long enchantment with the big dogs and his quest and discovery of them in old writings, as well as on the Tibetan plateau and in the high pastures of the Himalayan borderlands. He has travelled widely in Nepal, Bhutan, India, Pakistan and Tibet.

Buyers can order AUTOGRAPHED copies directly from me at my email address, dmesserschmidt@gmail.com.

Also available for purchase at:

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New Articles

Announcing The Tibetan Mastiff FAQ!

As many Tibetan Mastiff breeders know, we are often faced with answering a multitude of common questions from prospective puppy owners. The TMBRN is very pleased to announce that we have launched an easy-to-use Frequently Asked Question segment to the website.

In no way are these questions/answers a substitute for thorough breeder/owner screening, but we trust that you will feel confident to direct prospective puppy owners to the FAQ page. We work hard to keep updating the entire Tibetan Mastiff Info site and we will continue to add to the FAQs as time allows. Suggestions for questions that you would like to see addressed are welcome.




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Dogs In Need

When considering adding a Tibetan Mastiff to your home please do not forget the option of rescue. Presently there are many Tibetan Mastiffs in rescue that are in need of homes. These are often worthy, true-hearted dogs who find themselves in shelter/rescue situations through no fault of their own. When we are notified of a Tibetan Mastiff that needs a home we list them in our Dogs In Need section.

You can also contact these organizations if you are interested in opening your home to a Tibetan Mastiff in need:

ATMA Rescue

TMCA Rescue

If you do decide that you must have a puppy, please remember there are two very important factors to consider before welcoming a TM into your home. Ensure that you are prepared to commit to a Tibetan Mastiff for his or her lifetime, and choose a breeder that takes full responsibility for every puppy that he or she produces. The article below will provide you with the information you need to find an ethical and responsible breeder.

Choosing a breeder

Regardless of whether you are a novice starting out on your first Tibetan Mastiff adventure or an experienced TM caregiver, the process of choosing a dependable breeder and an ideal puppy shouldn't be a harrowing undertaking. Being prepared and asking the right questions will go a long way in teaching you more about the breed and enjoying the Tibetan Mastiff companion you eventually welcome into your home. Read our newest article here.





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