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We have worked diligently to ensure that our presence is felt on the worldwide web and we are extremely proud of our achievements.

Our site regularly averages 5000 UNIQUE hits or better each and every month!

You will find the Tibetan Mastiff Info site prominently displayed on many of the more popular internet search engines, and it continually appears on the FIRST PAGE of powerful Google searches beginning with Tibetan Mastiff, Tibetan Mastiffs, Tibetan Mastiff breeder(s) and Tibetan Mastiff puppies .

These numbers reflect our slow but steady climb to the top as we become one of the leading educational sources for the breed and one of the initial contact sites for the Tibetan Mastiff community and the visiting public. Our commitment to refreshing the site with interesting features means potential puppy owners can enjoy their learning experience and new informative articles guarantee that fanciers of the breed faithfully return to the site.

The Breeder Locator Page

Each month new and established breeders contact us as they take advantage of the listings we offer on the Breeder Locator page. Because we list kennel names alphabetically by country, the Breeder Locator page is an organized directory with international appeal so many are seeing the positive aspects of promoting their own sites. We are confident that if you check your web statistics, you will find that you are receiving a substantial amount of traffic as a direct result of our Breeder Listings.

The Featured Breeder Page

Above and beyond the Breeder Locator page we offer the opportunity for breeders to reach out to prospective puppy owners and fanciers with the featured breeder page. Enjoy the benefits of drawing attention to your individual breeder's program by providing some information about you, your dogs and your kennel. Put the spotlight on your dogs with picture displays.

The Benefits of Advertising on the Litter Announcement Page 

The growing directory, however, does mean that the public must search through more and more kennel websites each and every breeding season. Whether it is a litter you are currently anticipating or one that is already here, the Litter Announcement page helps to ensure that the internet public are zeroing in on your kennel. Quite simply, it means more traffic to your own site at minimal cost. And, in the case where breeders do not have a website, this kind of advertising is paramount to getting the word out to those looking for a puppy. Perhaps, most importantly, it means advertising somewhere appropriate that is exclusively dedicated to bringing you the kind of caregivers that you are looking for when it comes to placing Tibetan Mastiff puppies. We offer an intelligent and realistic presentation of the Tibetan Mastiff, a true portrait of the breed painted by experienced owners and long-time breeders, while balancing that view with lifetime management and care strategies. It doesn't take long to realize the benefits of having future owners who are respectful, educated, capable and prepared to take on the responsibilities of your precious puppies.

The Tibetan Mastiffs at Stud Page

Because pedigree diversity, health and vigor in the breed are so important, finding the best match for a female during breeding season can be a daunting undertaking. Often breeders and TM Info volunteers are contacted as to the availability of potential studs. Whether you have a male or are looking to incorporate a boy into your breeding program that is within close proximity or you are willing to look to males that are not within the same geographical region, this is the place to announce any possible intact males that may contribute positively to a breeding program.

Important note: Featured males will have to meet a minimum health check criteria.

The Dogs or Older Puppies Available Page

As an additional service for breeders, we offer a safe haven where breeders can make the public aware of older puppies or dogs that require re-homing and placement. Puppies and dogs on these pages are NOT rescues or dogs in need. Instead, this page is intended for situations such as adoptions that just didn't work out, the occasional retired breeding dog looking for that forever home that will offer one-on-one love and care or perhaps there is an exceptional show prospect that is looking for that perfect show home. Whatever the need, contact TM Info to showcase individual Tibetan Mastiffs.


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